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Strategic Access Reviews / Access Policy / Action Plans

Strategic access reviews are a useful way for any organisation to uncover any access issues that need to be addressed, and to devise a plan that ensures all people can access services.  

O’Herlihy Access Consultancy (OHAC) has carried out a number of strategic reviews of accessibility, allowing organisations to identify their current levels of accessibility in relation to customer services, access to the built environment, human resources, information provision and embedding disability proofing.

We have worked with these clients to ensure that they develop and revise existing management policies and procedures and that they have sufficient access plans and policies in place to embed accessibility in what they do. 

Our past clients in this area cover a broad range of sectors.


Government, Public Bodies and Local AuthoritiesGovernment, Public Bodies and Local Authorities


Heritage, Culture, Hospitality and LeisureHeritage, Culture, Hospitality and Leisure