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Disability Proofing

Disability Proofing ImageDisability Proofing is a strategy that aims to make sure that people with a disability and their specific needs are considered and included in the development and delivery of all structures, policies and practices from the earliest possible stage.

This strategy ensures genuine participation in all circumstances and situations by people with a disability. The process involves addressing the impact of existing or proposed structures, policies and practices in relation to their consequences for disability equality. There are a number of key stages involved.

  1. Raising awareness of activities and outcomes.
  2. Auditing relevant Information.
  3. Consulting with people with disabilities.
  4. Impact assessment activities.

O’Herlihy Access Consultancy can assist your organisation to ensure that the needs of all people using a service or building are met. We can ensure that a disability proofing mechanism is in place to ensure existing or proposed structures, policies and practices are accessible to all users regardless of age, size or disability.

Our work in this area takes in a number of sectors. You can click here to find out about our work or contact us.