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Accessibility Advice

AccessWe advise clients on a broad range of accessibility queries ranging from disability access, accessibility and equality legislation, access policies and plans, disability awareness training for staff, accessibility proofing, design appraisals and the Disability Access Certificate application process.

Accessibility is much more than physical access to buildings. It is also about providing inclusive access to services and access to information (i.e. design of a website that is accessible for someone with a vision impairment). We are unique in that we can advise our clients in all aspects of accessibility ranging from access to the built environment, accessible information provision, customer services accessibility, accessible transportation, employment and accessible housing.

We work with clients from the public, private and voluntary sectors throughout Ireland and abroad. We work in partnership with our clients from the inception stage through to completion of projects. We deliver strategic and practical solutions so that projects are progressed in an effective manner.

We are aware that not all of our clients require a comprehensive service and are always happy to offer a tailored solution in order to meet their individual accessibility requirements.

Our past clients in this area cover a broad range of sectors:



Heritage, Culture, Hospitality and Leisure

Commercial, Retail and Office Developments

Government, Public Bodies and Local Authorities