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Development of Accessibility Awareness Guidelines for Balfour Beatty CLG outdoor staff working in public areas

Images highlighting poor accessibility practice in outdoor public areasIn March 2013, O’Herlihy Access Consultancy was engaged by Balfour Beatty CLG to develop an awareness raising guide for outdoor staff working in the villages, towns and cities throughout Ireland.   The aim of the information guidelines were to get the accessibility message out to all staff working in public areas and to ensure that they were aware that they had a role to play to maintain accessibility as they went about their daily working activities.

The guide contained information on the barriers faced by people with disabilities as they go about their daily lives and how outdoor staff can affect this (i.e. parking vans on footpaths!); Why accessibility and Universal Design is important; Who benefits from accessibility; Simple tips to ensure accessibility is maintained, while working in public areas and information on where to go to get further resources and advice.

The guidelines also contained a number of real live case studies highlighting how people might be affected as they go about their daily lives. This section also included the potential barriers faced and ways to overcome these barriers.

The photographs above were specifically created to highlight poor accessibility practice and are not representative of Balfour Beatty sites.

This project was carried out between March and April 2013.