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Preparation of Inclusive and Accessible Literature, Information and Guidelines

Inclusive and Accessible Literature, Information and SignageAccessing information is a key part of everyday life, and all organisations need to consider the needs of people with disabilities when preparing literature, guidelines or other information.

Our highly-qualified staff work with varied organisations to help them convey information to people with disabilities in an accessible, inclusive way.

We have assisted the Irish Wheelchair Association in the development of their national guidelines and prepared in-house guidelines for Cork County Council. In 2010, we worked with Colin Buchanan Planning & Development Consultants in the preparation of Building for Everyone Booklet 9 entitled Planning and Policy. This was published by the National Disability Authority in February 2012.

O'Herlihy Access Consultancy (OHAC) have also assisted a number of organisations to develop their information in alternative formats. OHAC assisted them to put procedures in place to make sure all of the information provided by the organisation is accessible to all regardless of age, size or disability.

OHAC have recently developed accessibility awareness guidelines for Balfour Beatty CLG outdoor staff working in public areas, click on the link to learn more.