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OPW Dublin Castle

OPW Dublin CastleDublin Castle’s vision as outlined in the Interpretative plan for the Castle (March 2010) is to be a unique heritage site in the centre of Dublin where Dubliners, Irish people from other parts of the country, and overseas visitors can get an immediate view of the role of the castle in the history of Ireland and its current function in the life of the state. It will also be the premiere conference centre in Dublin for external businesses and other departments of the state.

As part of this vision, Dublin Castle identified the importance of making its services and buildings accessible for all users. The Disability Act 2005 also clearly outlines the legal obligations on Dublin Castle to make its buildings (including heritage buildings and external environment), information and services at the Castle accessible to all users.

Since January 2011, O’Herlihy Access Consultancy has been assisted Dublin Castle staff to meet its legal requirements; to benchmark accessibility and provide advice on how to develop an access strategy, policy and plan.

We have assisted in the establishment of an access team, benchmarked accessibility, prepared a detailed access policy and plan for the Castle and developed an action plan covering: