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DART Improved Accessibility Pilot

Dart at station, Platform Ramp and Accessible Signage.Iarnród Éireann / Irish Rail have introduced a new DART Improved Accessibility Pilot, which went live on the 29th January 2018.

The Pilot scheme will divide the existing 31 DART stations into 13 zones or ‘hubs’. Each of these 13 hubs will include between one and four stations. One station in each hub will be permanently manned by a staff member who will travel between the other stations within the hub providing support and assistance to passengers and operate ramps as requested.

This pilot hub system recommends passengers who require assistance call the staffed station within the hub they are travelling from and inform the staff member of their travel details. The recommended notice period is 4 hours, which is a significant reduction from the previously required 24 hours’ notice.

The pilot hub system will also allow for quicker response times to passengers who require ramp access but are unable to give notice in advance of their journey.

The DART Improved Accessibility Pilot will run for an initial six month trial, after which time Irish Rail hope to be in a position to deliver further improvements based on the feedback and experience obtained.

For further information on the DART Improved Accessibility Pilot visit the Irish Rail website here.

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