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International Labour Organisation Promoting Diversity and Inclusion Through Workplace Adjustments

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion through workplace adjustments - front cover and ILO logo.The International Labour Organisation (ILO) have published a practical guide on Promoting Diversity and Inclusion Through Workplace Adjustments. This guide aims to explain the concept of reasonable accommodation and provide employers with information and guidance on how and when to provide reasonable accommodation to employees.

The guide identifies four specific categories of workers:

  1. workers with disabilities
  2. workers living with or affected by HIV or AIDS
  3. pregnant workers and workers with family commitments
  4. workers who hold a particular religion or belief

These categories are identified as those that most commonly request reasonable accommodations, however it is intended that the approach to providing reasonable accommodation contained within the guide can be applied to a wide range of situations, thereby promoting diverse and inclusive workplaces.

For further information on the ILO Promoting Diversity and Inclusion Through Workplace Adjustments – A Practical Guide please click here

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