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Design of accessible student accommodation and the particular challenges it can pose

The team at OHAC are currently working on a number of student accommodation projects, throughout the country, where we are assisting design teams on accessibility issues right through from initial design review, planning review, disability access certification, detailed design, tendering/specification reviews including on-site inspections and compliance certification.

The design of student accommodation can pose challenges in relation to accessibility and universal design. In order to ensure adequate provision is made for people to access and use the student accommodation a proportion of the rooms provided need to be both accessible and functional for persons of limited ability including wheelchair users.

To cater for all student’s designer’s need to include adequate provisions within student apartments containing accessible bedrooms. Designers also need to cater for users with the widest range of needs possible including wheelchair users. To achieve this designers, have to design beyond the minimum level of provision contained within Technical Guidance Document M 2010, Access and Use.

Below are some design criteria that have been incorporated into the design of student apartments/studio facilities that contain accessible bedrooms catering for disabled student needs:

To find out more on how OHAC can assist you to improve the accessibility of your design, including student accommodation projects, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team on 01 – 4151285 or e-mail [email protected]