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Assistive Technology for people with disabilities and older people - A discussion paper.

O’Herlihy Access Consultancy (OHAC) were delighted to attend the launch of the ‘Assistive Technology for people with Disabilities and Older People Discussion Paper’ developed by Enable Ireland and the Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI) on the 7th November in the National Concert Hall.

The paper identifies how the appropriate use of Assistive Technology can support the increasing number of people with disabilities and older people in Ireland. Assisting them to exercise their human rights and become more active members of society.

The paper also highlights the importance of how Assistive Technology can provide support in several ways including:

The paper recommends the introduction of an Assistive Technology (AT) Passport as a central connector for a comprehensive ecosystem of supports. The main recommendations are as follows:

  1. Issue a cross-Government Policy Statement that supports people’s right to access Assistive Technology at any age, where there is an identified need.
  2. Introduce an Assistive Technology (AT) Passport.
  3. Assign a central coordinating agency with responsibility to support an ecosystem of supports.
  4. Provide up to date information, advice and peer supports.
  5. Develop funding protocols.
  6. Develop Service Provision.
  7. Invest in capacity raising amongst AT users, professionals and in research and innovation.

To read the paper click here.

Alternatively, if you would like to learn more about Assistive Technology please do not hesitate to contact one of our team at O'Herlihy Access Consultancy on 01-4151285 or e-mail [email protected]