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Accessible Information Policy and Plan for University College Cork

The Disability Supports Service in University College Cork (UCC) recognises that students with disabilities should have the same access to the full range of student services that are provided by the University.  This includes access to both the social and academic life within UCC and the services range from social or sporting activity, catering and accommodation and access to student’s services. The DSS also recognises that accessibility is more than supporting students with disabilities and all users of the campus need to be considered. 

Types of accessible information within the University include the provision of accessible lecture notes; Having accessible websites designed to international standards;  Managing the content on the website; Ensuring all conferences and events are accessible; Ensuring accessibility is embedded in the Curriculum Development process; Creating an awareness about accessibility to incorporating accessibility into the promotion of the University.

In 2012, O’Herlihy Access Consultancy was engaged by the DSS in UCC to assist in the development of a strategic Accessible Information Policy and Plan for the University. 
As part of our services OHAC:

This project was carried out between 2012 and 2013.