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Tommy Hilfiger released an adaptive clothing line

In August, Tommy Hilfiger released ‘Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive’ in Australia, Japan, and Europe. This is a clothing line that is tailored to meet the needs of persons with disabilities.

Mr. Hilfiger’s first-hand experience in raising children with autism made him realize that getting dressed can be a challenge for some. He also noticed that his children felt that they have to “dress differently” from their friends at school which inspired him to start a conversation about making fashion more accessible.

The clothing line incorporates designs with stretch fabrics, wide leg openings and adjustable waists which would suit people with prosthetics. Other subtle modifications include magnetic buttons, and one-handed zippers for easy open and closure. Some wheelchair friendly pieces are also available.

It is said that inclusivity, like sustainability, has become a buzzword in fashion and that the company recognizes the opportunity for growth. Coherent Market Insight expects the global market for adaptive clothing to grow from $US278.9 billion in 2017 to $US400 billion by 2025. Hilfiger aims to have his company 100 percent sustainable by 2024 and, like his Adaptive line, he hopes that other brands would lead by example.

According to Hilfiger, designers have a responsibility to create clothing that celebrates the largest range of people as possible, whether it be gender, body type, body needs, ethnicity, or age. He describes inclusivity as something that is continuously evolving, and a journey that they will always be on.

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