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New MSc course in Educational Assistive Technology has been developed in University of Dundee in Scotland. 

University of Dundee in Scotland has developed a new course in Educational Assistive Technology which aims to improve the educational experience of students with different abilities.

The new course is primarily directed towards teachers, therapists and technologists who wish to improve their ability to assist students who depend on Assistive Technology. Assistive Technology allows students with disabilities such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, cerebral palsy and autism to participate fully in education.

The programme director Professor Annalu Waller stated that the course has been developed to professionalize the role of the Assistive Technologist within all levels of education provision.

The new course is set to launch in early 2021.The course aims to improve the support for students who depend on Assistive Technology by introducing the role of the Educational Assistive Technologist.

Find out more about the new Educational Assistive Technology course in the link.

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