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Part M 2010 – Determination of Practicability

Technical Guidance Document (TGD) M introduces the ‘Determination of Practicability’.  This has been introduced as it may not be applicable in all circumstances to use the guidance in the TGD M 2010 to meet the requirements of Part M 2010.

TGD M 2010 states “The term ‘practicability’ is used in connection with works (e.g. material alterations and certain material changes of use) to existing buildings which identifies instances where achieving standards of accessibility associated with new buildings is not feasible because of particular circumstances”.

The guidance in TGD M 2010 introduces a list of non exhaustive circumstances that should be considered when determining if the guidance introduced in TGD M 2010 is applicable in all circumstances for works relating to existing buildings.

Examples used in the guidance to determine ‘practicability’ include where the works would have an adverse effect on the historical significance of the existing building or where specific planning conditions would prohibit modification of an identified existing feature.

Further details are available in TGD M 2010.