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Application of Part M 2010 to existing buildings other than dwellings – DEHLG Flow Chart

To assist in the interpretation of Part M of the Building Regulations 2010, the Department of Environment Heritage and Local Government have published a flow chart to assist designers, architects, engineers and anyone involved in the design process to assist in the interpretation and use of Technical Guidance Document 2010 for existing buildings.

TGD 2010 is broken into three sections. Section 1 provides guidance on complying with Part M for new buildings other than dwellings and their environs, Section 2 covers certain elements and features of existing buildings other than dwellings and their environs and section 3 covers dwellings.  TGD M 2010 states that Section 2 should be read in conjunction with Section 1 and is intended to provide additional guidance on certain elements and features for existing buildings types.

The flow chart has been designed to assist all users to determine which section of TGD M 2010 is relevant for material changes of use of existing buildings, material alterations to existing buildings, extensions to existing buildings and works taking place at historic buildings. Download a copy of the flow chart here.