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All new Taxi licenses from 2010 to be Wheelchair Accessible only

As of the 1st of October 2009, the national number of wheelchair accessible taxis is 1,577 out of a total of 27,169 public service vehicle (SPSV) national licenses.  The Commission for Taxi Regulation recently announced the next stage of reforms for the SPSV industry following its most recent public consultation process.

The Taxi Regulator has identified that individuals with disabilities are often the group most reliant on the door-to-door service offered by taxis. The Regulator is eager to ensure that SPVS fleet meets it accessibility objectives and has stated that it is a priority of the Commission to ensure that people with disabilities have access to high quality vehicles.

To meet the objective for the provision of accessible services, the Commission will issue new taxi and hackney licenses for wheelchair accessible vehicles only from 2010. All such vehicles will have to meet the standards for Wheelchair Accessible taxis/hackneys which were published by the Commission in 2007.

The Commission will continue to monitor entry to the industry at regular intervals. Should service levels to consumers be impacted, the Commission will reconsider issuing standard taxi licenses to ensure effective competition and supply.