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New accessible boats are being launched in the UK and Ireland.

New accessible boats are being launched in the UK and Ireland to allow disabled people to participate in water activities.

The Wheelyboat Trust, a UK charity group, supplies the new wheelchair accessible boats to organisations which allow disabled people to access water activities. The boats are hand built by Jim Coulam of boatbuilders Coulam Ltd. The new boats are primarily used for fishing in the island’s lakes but will also enable tourists who are wheelchair users to enjoy the lake’s scenery.

The Wheelyboat Trust relies on funding from various companies such as Loch Duart an independent salmon farming company. Loch Duart has donated over £7,300 to the Angling Clubs of the North and South Uist Islands in Scotland to help purchase the new accessible boats.

A new fully accessible boat has also been launched in Lough Ree by the Lough Ree Access for All project. The new boat arrived from Estonia which aims to make the lake more accessible for people with disabilities. Tours on the lake are being offered to people with disabilities by the Lough Ree Access for All Project.
Further information on the new accessible boats can be found in the following:

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