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Service providers - Tips to develop an accessibility strategy to make your services accessible.

Recently OHAC have been receiving queries from service providers on the best approach to develop an access strategy. Here are a number of steps that you should take in order to develop a fully inclusive accessibility strategy for your organisation:

  1. Identify current legislation and access guidelines and standards that are available to make your services accessible.
  2. Appoint someone within the organisation with responsibility for implementing accessibility and establish an accessibility working group.
  3. Benchmark existing levels of accessibility.  Some of the key areas to review include: Information provision, websites, facilities and physical access, services accessibility, employment and Human Recourses, complaints, customer charters, staff training needs, health and safety etc.
  4. Develop an access policy and implementation plan and begin implementing the process.
  5. Review, monitor and revise the  access policy and implementation plan on a regular basis and ensure to report progress on developments to senior management.
  6. Get the access message out to both staff and customers to highlight what you are doing well.

For further information on upcoming training  'Making Services Accessible for All' click here or if you would like to avail of consultancy services in this area, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01-4151285 or [email protected]