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Apps For Realtime Speech to Text

In this update Caroline Carswell, founder of Sound Advice an eGovernment (Education) award - winning venture geared to technology-supported mainstream education and living for deaf children and students tells us about 'Apps For Realtime Speech to Text'.

Did you know? Apps for realtime speech to text translation can double for personal note taking, for group meetings and for merging text into larger documents for future reference.

Some of the latest smartphone-based apps available are:

  1. Transcence - Designed to transcribe group conversations for business meetings or discussions, family dinners and social groups. The software creates voice maps for each person, with an identifying colour code and optional avatar for frequent users.
  2. RogerVoice - A personal captioning app for one-to-one phone calls, regardless of hearing ability. Calls are transcribed on the phone or tablet for privacy, with no relay operator needed.
  3. Speak2See -Created for medical contexts, this app transcribes realtime spoken interactions between caregivers and people with hearing difficulties and can be used in other contexts. Large print and the Pix2See image function are options, with pictures, diagrams and charts easily presented when needed.
  4. VoxSense. Voice-to-text translation for AndroidWear, Pebble watches and the Apple watch. Can pair smartphones with watches for device-to-device transcribing, as used by Lyft taxi drivers in San Francisco – who ask passengers to put their destination into the smartphone, and read the detail on the watch strapped to their wrist as they drive.

Captioning for everyday access is tracked by SoundAdvice.pro, which presents technology-enabled mainstream education and living for deaf children and students.

For further details on Sound Advice and the services they provide please click here.