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Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission publish information leaflet on public sector duty

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC) have published an information leaflet outlining some steps that a public body can take to bring a human rights focus to their work. Under the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Act 2014, public bodies are required to have regard to the need to eliminate discrimination, promote equality of opportunity to both staff and service users, and to protect the human rights of its members, staff and service users. Section 42 of the Act required public bodies to set out in its strategic plan an assessment of the human rights and equality issues relevant to its function including plans and actions to be put in place to address any issues identified. In addition, a public body must report on developments and achievements in its annual report.

The IHREC information leaflet titled “The Public Sector Duty” has been produced in order to assist public bodies in implementing their Irish Human Rights and Equality Act duties. The information leaflet outlines and explains:

Examples demonstrating how public bodies might screen and analyse existing policies, programmes and practices are provided including tips on how to deliver effective action planning, data collection, monitoring and reporting.

For further details on the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission information leaflet, titled “The Public Sector Duty” click here.

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