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How to help people with dementia - A guide for customer-facing staff

A recent survey carried out in the UK identified that that 69 per cent of people with dementia said that the main reason they stop going out is a lack of confidence.

Good customer services, identifying the needs of someone with dementia and knowing how to effectively communicate with the person is one way to ensure that people living with dementia remain part of the community, be more active in the local area and live better, more fulfilled lives. By understanding more about dementia and how it can affect individuals, you can also help other people appreciate the impact of this condition.

A new document to provide you with some guidance on how you can help to support people living with dementia has just been published (January 2014) by the Alzheimer’s Society in the UK.  The Guide entitled ‘How to help people with dementia: A guide for customer-facing staff’ is for anyone who works with the general public in a customer-facing role, either face to face or providing support via the phone or online channels.

The easy to read guideline provides background information on what is dementia; How to identify if someone has dementia; How it affects people and how you can help.  It also provides guidance on the next steps you should take to assist people living with dementia.

For further information or to obtain a copy of the guidelines click here.