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How to ensure your services are accessible and engage your end user

The majority of people coming to use buildings or environments are often visiting to use a particular service or engage in a specific activity, such as taking out a book or using computers in a library, exercising in a gym, participating in an arts event, paying for motor tax in public building, attending court, attending school or playing in a park or playground.Far too often, the needs of the user are ignored in the delivery of these essential services. For example some of the barriers faced by people with disabilities when accessing services include:

So remember, if you are trying to improve the overall accessibility of your organisation and engage with your customers, ensure you address access to customer services, ensure all your information is accessible to all and ensure your buildings and environs are accessible and easy to use. If you would like further information or assistance, please contact us on 01-4151285 or e-mail [email protected] and we will be delighted to forward additional relevant information.