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Salzburg wins EU award for disabled-friendly cities

The ‘EU Access City Award’ sets out to showcase and reward cities with over 50 000 inhabitants which take exemplary initiatives to improve accessibility in the urban environment.  The second edition of the Access City award received nominations from 114 cities in 23 EU countries.  Participating cities had to provide evidence of their efforts and achievements in guaranteeing equal access for everybody, regardless of age or ability. National juries composed of people with disabilities and experts on accessibility pre-selected thirty-one applicants for the European level selection.

The Austrian city of Salzburg was awarded the 2012 European prize for making cities more accessible to people with disabilities on the 1st December 2011. The three runners up in the Awards were Kraków (Poland); Marburg (Germany) and Santander (Spain).

The European Commission commended Salzburg’s long-standing commitment, coherent approach and excellent results in improving accessibility, achieved with the direct participation of people with disabilities.