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Workforce Diversity and risk assessment: Ensuring everyone is covered

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work recently launched new report entitled ‘Workforce Diversity and Risk Assessment: Ensuring everyone is covered’.  The report is aimed at those who are responsible for carrying out risk assessments and those involved in the process. The report aims to describe why and how risk assessment can and should cover the whole workforce and to increase awareness among those affected by health and safety at work.

One of the groups highlighted in the report to be at increased risk within the workplace is workers with disabilities.  The report highlights the importance of considering the needs of disabled employees throughout the risk assessment process;   the importance of consultation as the individual is usually the best person to identify what is needed and also recommends a number of tips for successful risk assessment in this area.  A number of case studies are given in the report including one on tailored training strategies for young people with disabilities in the workplace.  For further information on the report click here.