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Why is accessible information so important?

Information helps us all to make decisions and choices about our lives and enables us to live independently, to access social rights and entitlements and take part fully in society (Comhairle, 2005).

For many people information is not readily and easily available. For example, how often have we gone to a website to get directions to a hotel, museum, leisure centre only to find there are no directions available. How many of us have difficulty finding contact details on a website? People with disabilities often cite lack of accessible information as the main reason why they could not plan a visit , or enjoy an experience as much as they hoped.

Organisations must review and identify how accessible their information is for all users. Information includes pre visitor information, interpretative information, signage and wayfinding; electronic information (websites), printed information etc. Organisations should then identify in consultation with disability user groups how to develop an accessible information policy as part of overall access policy.

If you haven’t been looking at how your informtion is provided, now is the time to start. If you would like assistance or support, please let us know or why not come along to our training course entitled Accessible Information for All which is taking place on 2nd of March 2010.