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New guidance manual published on the importance of colour, light and contrast in creating Inclusive Environments

Geoff Cook of the University of Reading and Keith Bright formally of the University of Reading have recently published (March 2010) a guidance manual entitled “The Colour, Light and Contrast Manual: Designing and Managing Inclusive Built Environments”.  This practical publication offers a comprehensive and clearly structured guide to designing colour, lighting and contrast, which can be incorporated within buildings to enhance their usability. For example we use colour when moving around a space, to determine which route to take, to identify possible alternatives and make us aware of what potential hazards or obstacles we may encounter on the way.  It also highlights the importance of colour and light and the role it can play in emergency evacuation.

The book provides state-of-the-art, clear guidance as well as a valuable information source for busy professionals involved in the design or management of new and existing environments.  Follow the link for further information on the guidance manual.