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Leaders who revealed their disabilities found unexpected results – and so did there teams

In an article written by Venessa Ho for Microsoft’s website on the 30th of September, we are reminded that not all disabilities are immediately apparent and employing people with disabilities can bring an organisation a wide range of skills, experiences and expertise.

The article discusses how three successful senior leaders in Microsoft spoke out about their invisible disabilities and by doing so, gained greater support working within the organisation.

The three leaders referenced to within the article; Dona Sarkar, Craig Cincotta and Angela Mills are among the one billion people, 15% of the world’s population, who are living with some form of disability.

Angela Mills, who has a degenerative condition and is legally blind, found support from co-workers and strangers, in addition to finding ways to work around the limitations that her disability brings.

Craig Cincotta opened up about his mental illness and wants to destigmatise disability. Through speaking up, he has found he has inspired others to seek help.

Dona Sarkar, who is dyslexic, revealed her disability at a large team meeting and realised that she could help raise awareness to support others.

In the article, Venessa Ho quotes the president of Global Disability Inclusion, Meg O’Connell who says, “The more we talk about disability, the more we create awareness and an open, inclusive work environment”.

The article and the three employees’ full stories can be read here.

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