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Back To Work After Cancer - A Guide for Employees and Employers 

Being diagnosed with cancer is a life changing event. According to the National Cancer Registry Ireland, there are 112 people diagnosed with cancer daily and the disease causes 8,875 deaths each year. But as survival rates improve, there are more than 170,000 people living with and beyond cancer. One of the most anxious areas for cancer survivors is the transition back to work.
The Marie Keating Foundation has recently launched a ‘Back to Work After Cancer’ booklet and training seminar in response to the need for support and comprehensive information for employers and employees (27th February 2019).
Speaking at the launch Marie Keating Foundation CEO, Liz Yeates, said: “Going through cancer can knock a person’s confidence and so it is imperative that the survivor and the employer have the right information and advice to ensure that the employee returning to work is supported in the correct way through that transition. We hope that this resource will enable people to successfully return to the workplace giving cancer survivors back a feeling of control, confidence and a return to normality that may have seemed so far away from the minute they heard the words ‘you have cancer’.”
The publication was supported by Novartis and Chambers Ireland. It details advice and tips for survivors on how to plan their return to work and how to speak to their employer about the kind of supports they may need during this time. It also provides information for employers on what to consider and how best to support an employee retuning to the workforce after or during a cancer journey.
The guide advises on how to make a return to work plan and how to manage the process when someone has returned. It also addresses employer concerns and details the role the employer should take when someone is off sick and when they return to work.
To watch Back To Work After Cancer Guideline for Employees video please click here.

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To download the Back To Work After Cancer - A Guide for Employees and Employers booklet in pdf, please click here.

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