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Virtual Dementia Care Home launched by the Dementia Services Development Centre

The Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) at the University of Stirling in the UK recently launched (March 2012) the DSDC’s Virtual Care Home.  The development was Funded by the Nominet Trust and designed by the Architects Burnett Pollock Associates and the website highlights how people with dementia require buildings which are well designed and do not create any unnecessary barriers. The importance of understanding the impairments of dementia and the ways in which to compensate for these is explained.

The website consists of layouts of seven care home rooms. Each room view is provided with an information panel which highlights some features of good practice in dementia-friendly design and the virtual rooms are one example of how a dementia-friendly environment would look. That is to say that a person with dementia would not be unnecessarily disabled by anything in the rooms. Detailed explanations are provided on each room layout to explain how the rooms are made accessible.

For further details and to view the virtual care home rooms please click here. Alternatively, if you would like further information or need further assistance in relation to making buildings accessible please do not hesitate to contact one of our team on 01-4151285 or e-mail [email protected].