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Two important considerations when preparing and lodging a Disability Access Certificate Application

Consideration 1 - In order to comply with the requirements of the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations it is very important that your application includes information to:

This means a DAC application should include a detailed site description clearly outlining the extent of the proposed works.  It should also contain information on the existing and proposed use and ensure sufficient details are provided to indicate to the Building Control Authority that the works or buildings complies with the requirements of Part M (i.e. If the works relate to an extension for example, the DAC application should indicate that the existing approach to the extension is accessible or it should contain information indicating that there is independent access to the extension).

Consideration 2 - According to section 20D (1) of the BCAR, an application for a DAC is required to show compliance with Part M of the Second Schedule of the Building Regulations.  The current requirements of Part M of the Second Schedule to the Building Regulations (i.e. M1: “adequate provision should be made to enable people with disabilities to safely and independently access and use a building”).

We are currently in a stage of transition from Part M 2000 to Part M 2010 (i.e. new M1 “Adequate provision shall be made for people to access and
use a building, its facilities and its environs”. 

Note: the reference to people with disabilities has been removed with the intention of encouraging those involved in the design and construction of the built environment to consider a more inclusive approach regardless of a person’s age, size or disability.