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The importance of considering accessibility in the management of buildings. What guidance is provided in Technical Guidance Document M?

It’s not just the design of the building that will affect accessibility. It is important to consider how the day-to-day management of a building will impact on the ease and use at which people access a building and uses it’s facilities.  It is also important to  ensure that adequate management and maintenance policies and procedures have considered accessibility (i.e. Staff training or testing of access equipment on a regular basis).

Section 0.12 of Technical Guidance Document (TGD) M 2010 states “Whilst the provisions of the Building Regulations do not relate to management or maintenance and compliance with the Regulations is not dependent on these, it is acknowledged that they are important functions and contribute to the ongoing accessibility of the building”.
Section 0.12 also lists some of the important issues which are normally the responsibility of the building management (i.e. the procurement of accessible goods and service) and makes reference to further sources of guidance which cover the day to day management of buildings.  These include publications such as Building for Everyone, BS 8300:2009 and the NDA publication entitled ‘Access Handbook Template’ (www.nda.ie).

The following is a brief list of management and maintenance issues prepared by O’Herlihy Access Consultancy which should be considered in the day to day management of buildings: