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The Global Street Design Guide – Setting a Global Baseline for Designing Streets and Public Spaces


The National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) and the Global Designing Cities Initiative recently launched the Global Street Design Guide worldwide in May 2017. The Guide is the first of its kind as a worldwide standard for the design of city street with priority given to safety, pedestrians, transit and sustainable mobility for our urban spaces.

Traffic danger is a persistent global health crisis and street design is the most powerful instrument at a city planner’s disposal. As urban populations around the world are on the increase street design can also play a key role in resolving other issues from economic vitality to physical and social mobility.

The aim of the Global Street Design Guide is to set a new baseline for the design of city streets for the whole globe. It is also repositioning the thinking of street design from the automotive driven view to the understanding that cities are places for people. The guide shifts the focus more on to mobility for all users, the quality of the environment, public health and the overall quality of life for everyone within an urban context.

With input from 72 different cities from 42 countries around the world the guide represents a large array of street typologies, unique situations and intersections that can apply in various locations around the globe. Based on 40 case studies the guides shows actionable ideas on how to put people first when thinking of designing streets and urban landscapes.

This publication builds on the previous Urban Street Design Guide, Urban Bikeway Design Guide, and Transit Street Design Guide from NACTO and goes beyond the context of North America to address larger, more varied fundamentals.


To find out more information about or to download the Global Street Design Guide and the Global Designing Cities Initiative you can visit their website here.


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