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Microsoft’s new Surface Adaptive Kit makes surface devices more accessible for users of all abilities

Last month, as part of their larger Surface devices event, Microsoft announced a new Adaptive Kit for their surface range of devices that looks to provide additional accessibility through the use of tactile tools that can be used in a variety of ways depending on a user’s needs.
The kit provides a number of different types of tools that can be utilised as per a user’s specific requirements. The tool types are; Bump labels, Keycap labels and applicator; Port labels; and Opener Support.
The Bump labels provide a total of 16 labels – four shapes in four colours. The different shapes and colours can be used to help identify features of a device such as buttons, keys, ports, etc. 
The Keycap labels can help identify different keys on the keyboard of devices. They are provided as transparent stickers in a variety of sizes with different tactile indicators; lines, arrows, circles, etc. that can give improved tactile indication on a keyboard.
The Port labels can be used to distinguish between different cables and their corresponding ports on a device. Five separate cable and port pairs are provided in different colours and tactile patterns. A long label can be applied to the cable and a small label applied adjacent to the corresponding port for easy identification.
The Opener Support is provided as two supports to allow for easier opening of a device lid, stand or another openable portion.
This new Adaptive Kit improves accessibility of Microsoft’s devices for many users and continues in its mission to improve accessibility across the company’s devices and services. Previously Microsoft released the Xbox Adaptive Controller – a hub for a range of devices that allow gamers with limited mobility to play Xbox with devices that are more suitable to their specific needs than a standard controller. Information on this controller can be found on the Xbox website – Xbox Adaptive Controller | Xbox.
The improvement in accessibility that many companies are looking to further provide across devices and services is having a positive impact for all users and meeting specific needs of individuals that help improve people’s personal and professional lives, providing further opportunities for a more diverse workforce.
For further information on the Surface Adaptive Kit and the use/application of same Microsoft have provided this helpful page
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