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Setting the Accessibility Standards for New Homes in the UK : Government Consultation

The Department for Communities and Local Government in the UK is currently undertaking an open consultation on current housing standards. The consultation is open to anyone with an interest in the proposals set out in the consultation document and the deadline for responding is the 22nd October 2013. 

The Government is reviewing the building standards for new homes in England while aiming to reduce what it calls ‘the burden of regulation’, setting out a single set of ‘nationally described requirements’.  The current consultation covers standards for accessibility, space, security, energy and water efficiency.

In relation to accessibility, the consultation proposes a three tier accessibility standard covering:

While the technical standards for each will be consistent across the country, it is proposed that the proportion of homes built to Lifetime and Wheelchair Accessible Standards (called Intermediate standards) will ‘be determined at local level in response to local need.’’ (Quote from Care and Repair, England).

For further information including the consultation documents please click on this link.