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Development of case studies as part of the European Commission's Study on Mapping Skills and Training Requirements for Accessible Tourism

EU FlagsIn 2014, OHAC was engaged by the European Network for Accessible Tourism to develop a number of European and International accessible tourism skills and training case studies.

The case studies formed major part of the Research Study commissioned in 2013 by the European Commission 'Mapping Skills and Training Requirements for Accessible Tourism'. In total 20 case studies were prepared and each can be regarded as examples of good practice in vocational education and training, although certain weaknesses are also identified, where appropriate. The case studies prepared by OHAC investigated:

Each case study provides an overview of the project and identifies how accessibility is being successfully implemented.  The case studies also include information on a number of parameters including Innovation, Relevance, Transferability, Efficiency and Effectiveness, Impact and Sustainability.

For further information on the project and to download all of the case studies click here.

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