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Passenger Assistance app developed to improve accessibility in UK railway services

Access to public transport can be challenging and time consuming for people with disabilities. Passengers with disabilities are often required to call and book for assistance when travelling which could take up to 40 minutes.UK based company Transport has recently developed the ‘Passenger Assistance’ to eliminate this time-consuming process.

The Passenger Assistance app has been launched across the National Rail network in the UK to provide fast assistance bookings for people with disabilities. The app supports voice control allowing passengers to send assistance requests directly to the train operator using their smartphone. This will allow the operator to arrange support from a train staff to assist the passenger. The app also offers different colour settings to accommodate people with visual impairments, anxiety and dyslexia.

The app allows train staff to obtain the passenger’s accessibility requirements which will allow staff to provide assistance based on the passenger’s requirements. The passenger also has the option to change their accessibility requirements through their profile in the app, this will enable train staff to get regular updates on the passenger’s requirements and alter their approach based on the passenger’s updated requirements. The passenger can also upload their picture through the app making it easier for staff to identify them when they arrive at the station. The passenger’s information is sent to the train staff, and they will receive a notification on the passenger’s arrival time and what assistance is required by the passenger.

The app provides a quicker and easier way of booking assistance at any time for people with disabilities. This eliminates the process of passengers having to wait for the station’s call centre to open and having to spend another 40 minutes to book assistance for their journey. Passengers can also check their booking status through the app and review their travel history.

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