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OHAC Celebrates 15 years in Business

September is always a big month for OHAC when we celebrate another year in business but this year is even bigger as we are celebrating a massive 15 years!

It all started back in September 2007 at a kitchen table with the first two contracts; working with the National Disability Authority (NDA); and becoming a training provider for the Local Government Management Services Board (LGMS). Today, September 2022, we are proud to be one of the leading specialists in Accessibility Consultancy and Training in Ireland, while also expanding our international clientele, with a lot more than 2 projects and a kitchen table.

We are fortunate to have been involved in some incredible projects with a long list of clients such as; Netflix; Google; KPMG; The Land Development Agency (LDA); the Central Bank of Ireland; the National Disability Authority (NDA); RKD Architects; Kennedy Wilson; the Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA); Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCS); Henry J Lyons Architects; DMOD Architects; Guinness; LinkedIn; Microsoft; Bus Eireann; Michael Boylan Litigation; TOT Architects; Reddy Architecture and Urbanism; Augustus Cullen Law; and Local Government, just to name a few!

Each of our clients has recognised and embraced our passion for accessibility and we have worked incredibly well together with them all in achieving their own accessibility goals from compliance, to policies & plans, improving services, improving existing buildings and facilities, as well many other small and large targets for improving their businesses and products to the benefit of everyone.

Most importantly, we have been able to expand our team over the years welcoming professionals from all over the globe who are passionate about accessibility. Our goal since day one has been to make workplaces, services and buildings accessible for everyone, and today we have our largest team of skilled, passionate people who believe in and strive to achieve this goal every day.

Thank you to all of our clients, colleagues, and peers for supporting us on our journey over the years and we are so excited to see what the future holds for us as we continue on our mission to make the world more accessible step by step, ramp by ramp, level by level!

If you need further information on how to make facilities or services more accessible and inclusive, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team on (01) 415 12 85 or e-mail [email protected]