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Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) provides employment coaching through Ability Programme

The employment market is highly competitive, taking people a significant time and effort to find work. This competitive market can be even more difficult for those with a disability and is the reason that this was a topic of discussion at the recent IWA WorkAbility National Summit, attended by OHAC.

The discussion centred around IWA’s Ability Programme, with the programme’s goal  of helping young people with physical disabilities develop their skills and enhance their abilities in order to become more effective, independent job seekers or employees. This is achieved by providing holistic, person-centric coaching for those between the ages of 18 and 29 who have a physical disability. With an improved employment rate and greater sense of independence, these young people will be more active within their local communities and labour markets. This IWA programme is possible due to funding acquired through The Ability Programme, a Pobal-funded project.

The Ability Programme was launched in June of 2018 following on from the 2016 census which revealed that, while 72.8% of people without a disability, of working age were employed, the figure for those with a disability dropped dramatically to 36.5%. The programme is running for three years until July 2021 and will provide funding for projects across the Republic of Ireland, focused on bringing people with disabilities, aged 15 to 29, closer to the labour market.

While the IWA’s Ability Programme helps secure meaningful employment for jobseekers, it also has many benefits for participating businesses. Through the programme employers; gain access to a database of skilled jobseekers; have the ability to encourage a more inclusive and diverse workplace; and can receive specialised supports from the IWA.
The assistance that the IWA can provide to employers consists of:

Through programmes like IWA’s Ability programme, it is hoped that more young people with physical disabilities will join the workforce. Rising the employment rate for people with disabilities and increasing the diversity within the Irish employment market.

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