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How your organisation can improve their information and make it accessible to all people

For many people information is not readily and easily available. For example, how often have we gone to a website to get directions to a hotel, museum, leisure centre only to find there are no directions available. How many of us have difficulty finding contact details on a website easily? When is the last time you had difficulty reading a report because the font was too small and the information provided on charts was very difficult to read?

Far too often, when people think of accessibility and Universal Design they only think about the built environment. However it is important to recognise that people with disabilities often cite lack of accessible information as the main reason why they could not plan a visit , or enjoy an experience as much as they hoped.

The following are five ways that your organisation can improve their information and make it accessible to all people:

  1. Benchmark existing levels of accessibility.  Carry out a review and identify how accessible their information is for all users. Information to be assessed includes pre-visitor information, interpretative information, signage and wayfinding; electronic information (websites, DVDs), printed information etc.
  2. Identify in consultation with disability user groups the barriers they face when accessing information provided by your organisation.
  3. Develop an accessible information policy as part of overall access policy. This should be developed with relevant staff within the organisation.
  4. Design information templates (e.g. style guides or single source publishing) for accessibility.  Ensure these are developed in line with latest good practice guidelines and standards.
  5. Make information available in alternative formats on request.  Promote to staff and customers that your organisation is committed to making information accessible for all.

If you would like further information on making information accessible for people with disabilities, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team on 01-4151285 or e-mail [email protected]