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Tourism for all: German tourism reaches new levels of accessibility

By Larissa Cittadin

If you travel around Germany, you will find incredible landscapes, unspoiled nature reserves, and gorgeous architecture. Accessibility is one of the things in which Germany excels as they have made accessibility a priority over the past few years. Recognising the gaps in accessibility within the touristic experiences and working together with the local providers and accessibility specialists was essential to this goal.

German National Tourism Board has highlighted accessible tourism, announcing that it has more accessible visitor attractions than ever before. “Tourism for All” is a labelling system for tourist options in Germany. The details of the participating institutions are recorded by independent investigators, certified by a test centre, and then saved in the database. The range of options include everything you can possibly want to use and experience on holiday: accommodation, entertainment, dining facilities, shopping, excursions, nature experiences, guided tours and much more.

People with disabilities can use a filter on the website according to their individual needs to find more information on accessible holiday options in German cities and regions. The relevant details are divided into seven different groups of visitors:
• People with reduced mobility
• Wheelchair users
• People with impaired hearing
• Deaf people
• Visually impaired people
• Blind people
• People with learning difficulties.
The website also includes further information for guests with allergies which can be filtered by the type of activity tourists with to enjoy or by the area they are visiting.

One example of the options tourists can enjoy is the Bavarian Forest National Park, which is the oldest park in Germany. Care has been taken to clear and set up paths to make the park more accessible for persons with disabilities. It allows visitors to enjoy their facilities like the wilderness camp, national park centres and the youth forest home.

To see the website and use the “Tourism for All” feature please visit Travel for All: Tested Offers - Germany Travel and get inspired to an exciting vacation fitted to your needs!

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