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Guidelines for accessible information - ICT for information accessibility in learning

Guidelines for creating accessible information for all have been recently developed (June 2015) as part of the ICT for Information Accessibility in Learning project.  This multi-disciplinary network of European and international partners, representing learning and ICT communities have come together to develop the guidelines to make information more accessible for everyone.

The purpose of Guidelines is to support the work of practitioners and organisations working in the field of education to provide accessible information to all learners who require and will benefit from more accessible information. The procedure for creating accessible information is universal. Therefore, these Guidelines support all individuals or organisations wishing to create information that is accessible in different formats.

The Guidelines for accessible information are an open educational resource (OER) to support the creation of accessible information in general and for learning in particular. The guidelines are broken into a number of sections and provide invaluable information on how to:

To Download a copy of the accessible information guidelines click here.

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