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When you buy food in a sandwich shop or takeaway restaurant, the packaging the food is placed in is usually considered as a secondary element. It generally only serves the purpose of keeping it warm, prevent it from spilling, etc., however, some companies are now realising that the packaging can and should be inclusive to all their customers whether it is easy to open, to hold or have a dual use.

McDonald’s India (West and South) have launched EatQual – an innovative packaging for customers with limited dexterity of the hand. The packaging has been designed that it can be easily opened with one hand and the burger within can still be eaten while remaining in the bottom half of the packaging. A video campaign was also produced to promote this new packaging, which can be viewed on YouTube here

By taking an Inclusive Design approach with the ethos that products, systems and environments should be designed to be used by as many people as possible, regardless of disability, age, gender or other demographic. If you make your creations more accessible, you automatically make things easier for everyone.

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