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Design for All in Tourist Destinations

The European Concept for Accessibility Network (EuCAN) has recently published (2017) a document entitled ‘Design for All in Tourist Destinations’. The publication was written by Francesc Aragall, Peter Neumann, Silvio Sagramola and with the support of the EuCAN Membership.

As the title suggests, the focus of the publication is on the creation of tourist destinations that are designed for all people and, as seen in the foreword, the secretary of State of the Economy writes that Luxembourg was the first country to enshrine the ‘design for all’ concept in its government program.

The aim of the publication is to offer guidance and to provide advice on ways to implement the concept of “Design for All” in tourist destinations.

The publication does this by describing the 7 Success Factors listed below:

The document also lists and describes 10 Case studies from Europe to Australia and each of these case studies show how the implementation of the 7 success factors can result in an increase in the number of clients and ultimately increased revenue.

For further details on the ‘Design for All’ in Tourist Destinations publication click here.

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