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Design of accessible and adaptable general needs housing code of practice – BS9266:2013

The British Standards Institute recently launched (31st July 2013) a new Code of Practice entitled ‘BS9266:2013 - Design of accessible and adaptable general needs housing code of practice'.

The new code of practice converts DD266:2007 into a full British Standard and supersedes DD 266:2007, which is withdrawn.

This British Standard explains how, by following the key principles of inclusive design, general needs housing can be made sufficiently flexible and convenient to meet the existing and changing needs of more households, and so give people more choice over where they live.

The standard provides guidance and recommendations on for the design of accessible and adaptable general needs housing, whether in the form of flats or individual houses. It covers car parking, external access routes to blocks of flats or individual houses, common circulation areas in blocks of flats, circulation areas within dwellings, and the provision of key rooms and facilities.

For further information or to obtain a copy of the standard click on this link.

Alternatively, if you would like further information on accessible housing or have any queries please click here.