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Alexa Accessibility – Show and Tell on the Echo Show

Technology has improved our lives in many different ways and not just by making things easier and more convenient. We are better connected and better informed. Due to the evolution and advancement of technology, our day-to-day tasks are becoming more effective and efficient.

A good example of the positive impact of technology in our lives is the smart speaker Amazon Echo Show with its integrated virtual assistant Alexa. Nowadays, many households around the world have a virtual assistant to help with all sorts of tasks, whether it is to simply put together a grocery list or to provide you with the latest news.

An interesting feature integrated into the Amazon Echo Show is the so called “Show and Tell” which enables blind and low vision customers to identify items using an Echo Show device.

Show and Tell is an accessibility feature that identifies items using your Echo Show’s camera. All you need to do is hold up a product in front of your Echo Show’s camera and ask Alexa to identify it. Alexa tells you what you are holding and provides a brief description.

There is a built-in tutorial on Echo Show devices and to learn more about this feature all you have to do is say, “Help with Show and Tell”. The tutorial gives you product placement hints, sounds to expect, and camera tips.


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