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European Commission survey on accessible tourism services

Recently OHAC highlighted that the National Standards Authority of Ireland has published a new standard on Universal Design for customer engagement in tourism services.  The standard entitled, I.S. 373:2013 ‘Universal Design for customer engagement in tourism services’ was launched on the 30th May 2013. 

The standard, which is voluntary, provides an industry best-practice reference on design requirements for the application of Universal Design by Tourism Service Providers. It outlines Universal Design requirements that facilitate positive customer engagement through the provision of products and services for communications that can be easily accessed, understood and used by tourism customers. The categories of communications include written communications, face-to-face communications and electronic/web-based communications.

The European Commission is also very committed to increasing accessibility in tourism and increasing the quality of tourism services, enjoyment levels for all tourists, as well as improving quality of life in the local communities.

With this in mind, the European Commission is launching two surveys to gather information about the accessibility of tourism services and facilities from tourism businesses on one side and from tourists on the other side. The results of these surveys will feed in a report to identify options for improving the range of accessible tourism services.

The surveys which are completely anonymous, are running between June and September 2013 and the results of the study will be widely disseminated and validated with sector actors and stakeholders.

For further information on the how to participate in the survey click here.

Additional information on accessible tourism within Europe is also available by clicking here.