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Accessibility improvements in technology are highlighted at Google’s and Apple’s recent developer conferences

Recently, both Google and Apple held their annual developer conferences where they revealed new software and launched new hardware. Within the new software reveals were big improvements and projects related specifically to the accessibility of their technology. The opportunities, both socially and economically, in designing with accessibility in mind do not seem to be overlooked by the larger technology companies where they can profit on making their devices and services more accessible while also using the same initiatives to improve the quality of their offerings to all of their customers. Similarly, we recently saw Microsoft introduce an accessory for their Xbox console to allow people with disabilities to create and adapt controllers to fit their specific needs. You can find more information on this controller on the Xbox website here.

Google’s I/O conference was held at the beginning of May and they introduced a huge amount of exciting new accessibility features coming to many of their platforms. Some of the highlights include:

At the beginning of June Apple held their WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) event and presented some new accessibility features coming to iOS, iPadOS and MacOS later this year. The features they showed included;

These new software improvements and research from both companies are going a long way to making technology and devices more accessible to more people. These advances also play a part to opening up and improving features for everyone with better speech recognition across the board thanks to machine learning and Google’s Project Euphonia. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and it is great to see that accessibility is being considered in the future devices and software that some of the largest companies in the world are producing.

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