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Supports Announced for 2021 Disability Participation and Awareness Fund

In the built environment, unforeseen obstacles can create barriers for people with disabilities. These barriers can range from minor inconveniences to making a building or space completely inaccessible. Having to deal with these daily obstacles can deter people with disabilities from participation within the community. To help raise awareness and promote more participation within the local community by people with disabilities, the Disability Participation and Awareness (DPA) fund was created. 
As part of the DPA Fund, In December 2021, Minister Anne Rabbitte, T.D., announced €2.5m supports for 39 projects across all 31 Local Authorities.
The projects funded will aim to achieve the following:
Provide finding to support the participation of people with disabilities in local activities
To help remove varies to community involvement
To support the promotion and implementation of the United Nation Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD)
In 2022, further funding and the parameters of the scheme will be adjusted based on the findings and performance of the initial supports provided in 2021. By targeting community groups directly in 2022, Minster Rabbited aims to build on the progress made in 2021 and seeks to focus on additional supports for community participation and integration.
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