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UK firm Motability Operations is set to launch a series of pilots to improve EV accessibility.

By Mark Pader

Motability Operations is a UK firm that currently provides affordable motoring to people with disabilities and their families through the Motability scheme. The firm has recently announced the launch of a series of pilots which aims to support their Motability Scheme. Their aim is to eliminate the challenges faced by customers who are unable to charge at home by allowing more customers to adopt electric vehicles.

The Motability Operations Innovation Team in collaboration with consultation firm, Founders Intelligence has a range of pilots with British start-up businesses for this year and beyond, starting with the following pilots:

As more customers are transitioning to electrical vehicles, it is important that challenges faced by customers in charging their vehicle is eliminated. The initiative provides worry-free access to charging for people who wish to adopt an electrical vehicle.

For further information on the series of pilots by Motability, click here.

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