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Official Launch of Changing Places Ireland

Changing PlacesO'Herlihy Access Consultancy were delighted to be invited to attend the launch of the Changing Places Ireland Campaign. The event, which took place on May 1st, was hosted by The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC) on behalf of the Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA), Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI) and Inclusion Ireland.

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commissions Changing Places Facility on the ground floor of their office was available and open for viewing for all in attendance in order to demonstrate the features and equipment that makes Changing Places facilities more accessible than the standard accessible toilets.

Minister of State for the Office of Public Works and Flood Relief, Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran, Cllr Vicki Casserly, along with disability campaigners Louise Bruton, Ailis Healy and her mother Ann Healy launched the campaign which included the announcement of a new dedicated website that will be a valuable resource and tool for people with disabilities and their families, businesses, organisations and tourists visiting Ireland.

There are currently only 7 facilities of this kind registered in Ireland Including the changing places facility at the IHREC offices at Green Street, Dublin 7. OHAC were delighted to have been involved with the IHREC in supporting their development of Accessibility and Reasonable Accommodation Policies and Practices including advice in relation to the provision of their Changing Places toilet facility which gives people with disabilities and carers more space and the right equipment to take care of personal hygiene, in safety and comfort.

Changing places facilities are a combined toilet, shower and changing room facility specially designed for use by people with complex and multiple impairments/disabilities that require the help of up to two carers. Changing Places facilities are designed to enhance the health, safety, comfort and dignity of someone who may need extra support and additional equipment during personal care tasks. Changing places need to be suitably sized (Minimum of 12 sq.m) and need to be fitted with an over-head tracked hoist system to allow carers to hoist and move the person within the facility, a height adjustable changing bench, wash basin, paper roll, privacy screen, peninsular WC and a shower where practicable.

To find out more about the Changing Places Ireland Campaign including information on the location of changing places in Ireland click here.

To find out more in relation to the IHREC changing places facility including guidelines for the use of the changing places facility click here.